Should You Invest in a Home Gym?

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Should You Invest in a Home Gym?
From a busy mom’s perspective:

This is a question that many people were forced to address during the Covid pandemic. Jason (owner of Grind) and I fortunately created and built our gym right before the pandemic. We were lucky to not miss a workout when many people were doing anything they could to get their hands on equipment. (even building their own stands etc from wood, cement and other materials they could acquire) Most people developed some type of in-home gym. In fact, “Nine in ten Americans who exercise regularly say they will continue with at-home workouts even after they feel comfortable returning to a gym in the future,” according to a new survey from Beach body, a Santa Monica-based health and fitness company.
I have always worked out. I have 4 children and my fitness routines have looked very different over the years. I have played soccer all of my life and still continue to play on an all women’s league. However, I spent years in spinning classes with my sisters, years at a personal trainer, and even more years running. I found Crossfit 6 years ago and I fell in love with the classes and the competitive aspect of the entire experience. Prior to the pandemic I hardly ever missed my crossfit classes. I loved the community and competition.
I erroneously thought fitting time in for my fitness was challenging if not impossible when my kids were young. Now that I have teenagers, I realize I was very wrong. It is so much harder to find time now. All of my children are athletes and I can’t miss their games. If we did not have our own gym, I don’t think fitness would be possible. Jason (he has 3 children) and I often find ourselves working out at 9pm after sports, dinner and homework have been completed.
We fortunately found street parking during the pandemic. If you have not checked them out I highly recommend it. Find them at Street Parking is the closest thing to an in person Crossfit type class that we have found. Their programming has so many options. If you are a beginner, pregnant, elite athlete, young or old they have modifications for you. They have programming that will allow you to work out all day or get it done in 15 minutes. They also have developed an amazing community that allows you to post your scores and communicate with tons of other people utilizing the programs.
Recently (the past 2 weeks) we discovered the Ladder app. The app has different coaches with different style workouts. You can choose the coach and programming that you are interested in. We are using Coach Sam and his workouts have been incredible. We love that he offers total body workouts in 30-40 minutes. Jason and I often only have 30 minutes to give to our fitness. Sam’s programming is challenging but easy to follow.
If you have young children and you are contemplating the investment of a home gym, thinking that it may not be necessary as your kids get older and go to school full-time, please let me assure you that it is completely necessary. It is an investment you will NEVER regret. My biggest regret is not having done it sooner. A home gym frees up an insane amount of your time and with the programming and apps available now you really can get amazing instruction without leaving your home.
Grind can help you outfit almost any space. Grind offers space efficient racks and wall mount options. If you need suggestions for ways to set up your home gym give Jason at Grind a call and I am certain he can help you. If it is a super challenging space Grind has the ability to custom make equipment to fit your needs. Grind offers many gym packages to help you get started in creating your home gym.


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