Grind X Plate Loader



Grind Simple Machine (Pulley System)

If you are looking to add pulley system to your gym Grind has a great option for you!  Add Grind’s new rack-mounted cable-pulley system to your existing rack so you don’t have to buy another piece of equipment to take up valuable space. Grind Simple Machine is made entirely in Rahway, New Jersey and you can add this system for a fraction of the cost to deliver the same training benefits of a traditional lat pulldown machine with better space and cost efficiency. Grind’s Simple machine can fit either a 1-inch hole system or a 5/8 inch hole system.  Please choose the appropriate pin hole measurements for your system.  Grind’s Simple Machine comes with adjustable components for set-up on a 90”.

NOTE: Grind’s Plate load kit sold separately

Warning: Any Rack or Rig utilizing Grind’s Simple machine attachment must be securely fastened to the floor for use.




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