Grind’s LDB-10S & LDB-15S (Loadable Dumbells)

Grind’s LDBs
Grind’s LDBs are identical to Grind’s barbells, just condensed. If you don’t have room to store an entire set of dumbbells this is the perfect option. As an alternative to storing a complete set of traditional dumbbells in your gym, our LDBs offer loadable sleeve lengths of 3.625” and 6.75” respectively—enabling athletes to make precision, custom weight adjustments in their dumbbell training.

Compatible with olympic plates or Grind’s bumper plates. Ideal with Grind’s change plates. (Sets of change plates and LDBs available).

Our LDB’s come in a variety of colors that will be amazing in your gym!
Model Weight Length Loadable Length Diameter Finish: Shaft Finish: Sleeve
LBD10 10LB 14.25" 3.625" 28.5MM Black, Military Green Black, Military Green, Bright Blue Zinc
LBD15 15LB 20.5" 6.75" 28.5MM Black, Military Green Black, Military Green, Bright Blue Zinc

It is best to use a set of collars for securing the weight onto the dumbbell. Check out Grind’s collars!

Additional Specifications:

Sold Individually, NOT in Pairs
Made in Rahway
28.5MM diameter knurled handle
Bronze Bushings, Needle Bearings with Snap Ring Design
Length:14.25" (LDB-10)
20.5 (LDB-15)
Load Capacity: ~100LB (DB-10)
Grind branded endcaps
Available as package with set of Grind Collars and Change Plates
Compatible with any standard Oly plates and/or Grind Dumbbell Bumper plates

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions24 × 3 × 3 in
LDB-10 & LDB-15 Sold Individually not in Pairs

LBD-10 Midnight Black, LDB-10 Military Green, LDB-10 Black and Blue, LDB-15 Midnight Black, LDB-15 Military Green, LDB-15 Black and Blue


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