GRIND X Rack Standard Pull up bar (Bolt On)



Grind’s Attachable Pull-Up Bar

Grind’s 1.3" diameter pull-Up Bar, is designed exclusively for mounting to the 3x3" tube of an existing rack, rig or mount strip with 4 5/8" bolts. Pull-ups are a great exercise that can help to strengthen the back muscles, strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles, and improve grip strength. Grind’s push-pin system allows for the bar to be fully adjustable, allowing for athletes of different heights to use the bar at a level that is comfortable for them. This pull-up bar can also be used when training children. Rather than lifting a child up to an adult pull-up bar or having them stand on a box, Grind’s pull-Up Bar offers a much safer, adjustable alternative.
****If you are looking for an easy way to do pull-ups and dips in a small space, consider buying the mount strip, dip bar and pull-up bar together.

  • Specifications:
    Made in Rahway, NJ
    Overall Length: 43" inside pull up are
  • Diameter: 1.30"
    Recommended Weight Capacity: Tested at 300LB
    Color Black
    Steel Notes 1" Schedule 40 Pipe, 7 Gauge Steel
  • 5/8" hardware included

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions50 × 10 × 3 in

1.3" dia Standard Bar, 1.9" dia Fat Bar


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