Do you need a squat stand?

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Do You Need a Squat Stand?

The Covid pandemic made many of us change the way we are working out. Most people were forced out of their gyms and made to find alternative ways to accomplish their fitness goals.

For many months fitness equipment was unavailable. Now that stores are restocked and the holidays are approaching, deciding what your next purchase will be can be challenging.
There are several ways to add a rack to your gym. You can purchase a squat stand, squat rack or power rack. These are three options that do not attach to a wall. A squat stand is as basic as it gets. A squat stand contains a base and two sides. A squat rack is a stand that also has one or two top bars running across the front and back for extra support. You can do pull-ups on the bar. You can also customize this option with rack accessories. A power rack or a squat cage is a set of metal bars that completely surround the athlete during exercise. Hands down if you are attempting to add safety to your gym the power rack is going to be the most effective option. A power rack eliminates the need for a spotter.
Carson 90" rack Green
Grind Red power rack
A squat stand or rack is a purchase that you will not regret. If you have been lifting without one you may be seriously limiting yourself. Most athletes can squat more than they can clean (lift off the floor). If you do not have a squat rack of any kind you are limited by how much you can pick up off the floor. It is hard to take your lifts to the next level without a rack. A squat stand/rack is a versatile piece of equipment that allows for many movements.
If you want to move your home gym to the next level it is almost impossible to do so without some variation of a squat stand/rack. If you have been lifting for a while, you have the budget, space and want to lift heavy weight alone, a power rack is the the option for you. If you are just starting out or are limited in space or budget then a squat stand/rack is the way to go.


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