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  • handle gripsQuick view

    GRIND X Handle Grips

    (1) $90.00$95.00
  • Grind Spotter arms 2Quick view

    GRIND X Spotter Arms

    (11) $185.00
  • J CupsQuick view

    GRIND X PRO 3x3x5/8″ J Cups W/ UHMW Plastic

    (1) $125.00
  • shackleQuick view

    GRIND Shackle

    (1) $45.00$55.00
  • PlaceholderQuick view

    GRIND XL Trawler Arm

  • 1" J CupQuick view

    GRIND XL 3x3x1″ J Cups

    (1) $135.00
  • STABALIZER-BAR-1Quick view


    (1) $145.00
  • STABALIZER-BAR-1Quick view

    GRIND XL Connector Bar

    (1) $175.00$295.00
  • J CupsQuick view

    GRIND X 3x3x5/8″ J Cups

    (1) $88.00
  • Quick view


  • Quick Change Plate Holders Grind FitnessQuick view

    Quick Change Plate Storage Pins

    (5) $80.00$85.00

Gym Equipment Accessories

Everything your commercial or home gym may need is found at Grind Fitness, online or at our Rahway, NJ, location. Our gym equipment accessories can help novices as well as the most advanced athletes fulfill their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for gear to improve your cardio or equipment to elevate your raw strength, Grind has the right gym accessory for you. They will endure your workouts because they are built from the best materials and with elite athletes in mind. You’ll feel the quality of Grind’s gym equipment accessories when you use one, and you’ll know that our fitness gear will never quit on you.

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